How Do You Sell Peace of Mind?

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

Picture this: a customer’s multi-point inspection reveals an oil leak, a suspension problem, or some other expensive repair. 

You know the customer, and it’s going to be a tough sell. They’ve been tight with their money in the past and you can see it’s going to happen again. The repair is quite necessary, but you’re worried they’re going to turn you down like they have before.

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Every service advisor has been in this position, probably often. You can throw everything you know at them: their family will be safer, the repair will cost more if they don’t do it now, their car could break down - you might even offer a discount just so they’ll say yes. 


But more than saving money, there’s one thing that everyone wants that no discount can buy: peace of mind.  

Why Peace of Mind?

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No one at all would refuse the opportunity to worry less, especially for something like their car. When there’s a car repair needed, it’s added to a customer’s mental list of things to do; a.k.a. things to worry about. Peace of mind is essentially crossing an item off the list. It frees the customer to focus on other things of value in their life.

You Can’t Put a Price on “Peace of Mind”

It’s an all-encompassing approach to sales. It can address the repair cost, the repair timeline, safety, and more. 

“The repair is $XXX dollars. I know you weren’t expecting the expense right now. But we have the time to get it done today so you won’t have to make another appointment, and you won’t have to worry if your car is safe. You’ll have the peace of mind your car’s in good shape. Should I tell the technician to go ahead, and will you need a loaner car for the day?”


See how it works? The price is met head-on, and the other potential objections are addressed before they come up. It’s summarized in the customer’s peace of mind, and it’s made easy to say yes. 

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What Everyone Wants is Peace of Mind

If your customer’s vehicle needs a repair and you’re not sure how to sell it, what’s the best approach? Since no one wants an added worry in their life the best way to deal with selling a repair is by selling peace of mind. 

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