Increase Organic Leads in One Simple Step

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

Dealers want to convert their leads better. 

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That’s according to the 2018 State of Automotive Marketing Report published by 9Clouds.

Of more than one hundred dealers surveyed for the report, the number one priority in dealership marketing was overwhelmingly on converting on their leads. 

That’s a shift from the previous year’s report where dealers were primarily concerned with the volume of incoming leads. Of course, the two are very closely tied. Where one is a concern, the other isn’t far behind. Hence, the two need to be handled as one. When one succeeds, the other will follow on its heels. 

Boost Sales from Online Leads

Ideally, online leads would all be organic. That means the dealership would not have to pay an advertiser to get bumped to the top of the page. It’s expensive and, because it’s labeled as a sponsored ad, isn’t as effective as you’d hope. 


If you could boost organic leads – leads generated naturally based on relevance to the search – there’s a much higher likelihood of improving conversion rates too. But how do you do that?

Content, Content, Content

Organic leads are based on relevance. What that means for a dealership is that their website needs to be filled with keywords and phrases that customers are actively searching! 


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How do you know what customers are searching for? That’s not always easy to determine. There are two easy-to-use tools, both from Google, that you can use to help find some of the keywords you can use.

1. Google Trends. Search Google Trends for your brand, your department, automotive news, and more. Select your region and browse related queries for keywords that might be popular. 


2. Google Search. Simply start typing in the search bar to find keywords that could be good for you. Begin with your brand (“Toyota”) or a phrase like “how to”. The auto-fill answers are a fantastic choice for keywords too. 


If you’re one of the dealers who is concerned about improving conversions from leads, start with generating the right leads – organic leads! It’s all about posting relevant content on your website. 

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