Could the Service Tour Be Done Best by the F&I Advisor?

Could the Service Tour be done best by the F&I Manager?.jpg

Someone needs to introduce new car buyers to the service department. 

For sales professionals and financial service advisors alike, it seems like a job that’s not in their description. They’re in the sales field, not the service department after all, right? But when your dealership’s culture centers around the customer experience, it becomes less about job titles and all about doing the best you can for the customer. 

Someone has to do it. High-volume dealers often have a delivery coordinator who takes over after the F&I office. It’s often been left with the delivery coordinator to make the introduction between the new customer and the service department. But there’s an argument that it does the customer a disservice to leave something as important as the service tour to the delivery coordinator. 

Who Should do the Service Tour with the Customer?

Before delivery coordinators became the norm, the salesperson performed the service tour – at least, they should’ve. If it was done, it was a fast stroll through that simply checked off a box on a list. 

If the salesperson does a thorough job on the service tour, that’s great. It needs to involve an introduction to service advisors, a tour of the service drive, an explanation of what to do on the first visit, and an impressive look inside the shop. But if it doesn’t happen or is rushed, the customer doesn’t see the value in it at all. 

On the other hand, if an F&I advisor does the service tour, there’s added benefit. It works extremely well to keep the conversation continuous out of the F&I office instead of handing the customer off yet again. The transition feels more organic and less forced. 

As well, there’s an opportunity to reinforce the importance of F&I products. It can go like this: “I know you’re going to think about the protection package for a bit. If you decide to go for its benefits, Irene here is the person who will coordinate it for you. Irene, how soon would you be able to get their new car in for a protection package if they choose to get it?” Is it something a salesperson would do? Probably not. 

I’m sure you’d agree the service tour is important to begin the customer relationship with the service department, and it needs to be done well. 
Would you also agree that the F&I advisor might possibly be the best person to do it? Comment below with your thoughts on the F&I advisor’s role in the service tour.