The Best 4th of July Auto Sales Marketing Strategies

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Every summer, the United States celebrates their independence from Britain on July 4th, Independence Day. 

It’s a great time of fun and friendship, and a time to remember why we have our freedom. As a dealership, there are awesome ways you can show pride and appreciation in your country. 

Its meaning goes back to 1776 when thirteen colonies declared their independence from the British Empire, forming a new nation, the United States of America.

But Independence Day can also be an opportunity for you as automotive dealers. Just a little recognition can have a positive impact on your presence in the community…and maybe even boost your sales a bit.

Show Your Pride and Appreciation

The Red, White, and Blue are your colors in the time leading up to Independence Day. Use a week two before July 4th to make it obvious you’re proud of your country. Encourage staff to wear your flag’s colors to work and get your dealership windows painted. Alternate vehicle colors in the front line to show your store-wide pride. Canada, it’s easier with just the red and white. 

Make It Special for Customers

Use the Fourth of July as an opportunity to celebrate with your customers. In 2018, it falls on a Wednesday. What a great way to break up the week! On the weekend before, or the days leading up to July 4th, give your sales and service customers something special and unique. Car window flags, a customer appreciation barbecue, or a free community car wash are just a few ideas to make Independence Day special for your customers and community.  

Remember Why We Have Our Independence

It was Congress that voted for independence, but there have been hard-fought battles to keep your country free and independent.

Keep your Veterans in mind while you celebrate Independence Day, honoring those who fought and especially those who lost their lives.

And don't forget to contact CPI for additional proven ideas and strategies throughout sales and fixed operations to propel your sales and profits this July 4th holiday.