Service Marketing Done Right with Facebook Ads

Facebook Service Marketing.jpg

It’s never too late to embrace something that works. 

A Rosenberg, Texas Kia dealer, Virgil Skinner, had used his personal Facebook profile to connect with customers. But when he created a Facebook account for Fort Bend Kia, engagement dropped off. It was like a ghost town.

But Skinner refocused the Fort Bend Kia Facebook page with a twist. He hired a company that specializes in social media engagement and soon his page had 4,000 likes and follows. But counting likes and follows is not where the true success lies. 

Service Engagement Through Facebook

Skinner’s customers respond well to service-related Facebook ads. In fact, his Facebook ad success meant that he’s been able to drop almost all other advertising formats. Ads can be focused on certain demographics and are un-intrusive. Best of all, ad responses are measurable – much more so than traditional marketing tactics. 

Using Facebook Ads Well Isn’t as Easy as You Think

While it’s been a resounding success for Virgil Skinner and Fort Bend Kia, Facebook ads aren’t for the average user. It takes time, knowledge, resources, and testing to be done right. It takes a professional or an agency to do it right. That’s exactly what Skinner has done, and the results are clear. 

Use Facebook Ads at Your Own Risk

One of the reasons that it’s been so successful for Fort Bend Kia is a reason it could be a flop for other dealers, and that’s dealer reviews. Dealers who haven’t hammered down the customer service basics should focus on training primarily, and advertising second. Fort Bend Kia’s 4.9 rating on CarGurus and 4.7/5.0 average over 93 reviews on Facebook only happens because they’ve nailed down expert customer service. 

The takeaway here is this: your customers are still on Facebook, and Facebook ads are structured in a beautiful way to engage with them. Hire professionals to take care of your Facebook campaigns like Fort Bend Kia does so you can be most effective. And make sure you can serve those customers extremely well before you begin.