Fixed Operations Roundtable - NYC Midtown: Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Join us for a complimentary, interactive roundtable among industry peers, featuring an in-depth discussion of strategies and concepts that will forever change the way your fixed-ops team works with customers and one another!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - NYC

Times: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Meeting Includes Lunch)

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Center for Performance Improvement (CPI) headquarters

The Seagram Building, 26th floor

375 Park Avenue (at 52nd Street), New York, NY 10152

Telephone: (212) 763-0016

Your host: Ted Ings, CPI Executive Director

Participants: Dealer Principals, General Managers, Fixed Operations Directors, Service Managers

Hurry! Only 16 seats remain at the Roundtable - space is limited!


With new vehicle sales at historic highs, an efficiently run fixed operations department is the key to future stability and success.

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The Inaugural Fixed Operations Roundtable, hosted by CPI, a global leader in service process implementation, will set you on the road to satisfied customers and greater profits.

Ask yourself: Is your fixed operations team well-trained and properly motivated? Are they making the most of the tremendous sales opportunities that their interactions with customers provide? Are they ambassadors for your brand, forging lasting relationships?

This group of leaders will meet three times per year to share ideas to improve efficiency and productivity in dealership fixed operations. Share helpful tips with peers, regardless of the dealership brands. The group works through challenges faced in all dealerships using real-world examples as the basis for each discussion.

At this meeting, we will discuss:

- A renewed focus on customer touch-points in service operations for driving dealership growth

- New models for customer engagement

- Dealership profitability

- Retention and hiring issues

- Profitability through training, engagement, and sustainment

Note: Participants must bring with them one (1) best-practice to share with the group

Please RSVP Ted Ings to reserve your spot TODAY.