How Do You Become a People Expert?

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

If you are to become what is expected of a top sales professional, you’ll need to become a people expert.

To do that you must first be able to identify different personality types. 

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Personality profiling is commonly performed by psychologists and also by top companies when recruiting high-level executives. That’s because they understand that an individuals personality impacts they way they think and the way they work with others.

Are You Complacent - or Egotistical?

There are numerous tests from the DISC system to Meyers Briggs. These tests place people in categories to help them identify their own tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses.


These categories range from Driving and Influential to Complacent and Melancholy. There are even profiles that place people in animal categories like Dog and Bear, based on the way they react to life’s situations.

In almost every case, the tests place people in one of four categories. While the categories vary, here are the basic personality traits of each:

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1.    The relater – This person takes a casual approach to life. They prefer to like and be liked by everyone. They’re usually cooperative as long as the process goes smoothly. Expect them to have someone else along to help them make decisions. Avoid any high pressure and don’t throw in any sudden surprises. 
2.    The intellectual – They evaluate their worth based on what others would consider good logical decisions. They love to plan and organize so they will come into a dealership well equipped. They expect clear and straightforward details. Providing an overview in a way that suggests order and reason will win these people over.
3.    The driver – This person knows exactly what they want and they usually want it now. No fluffy sales processes for them. Ask them quickly what they want, show it to them and give them a price. Spare the details and don’t waste their time. 
4.    The needy – These folks want you to be recognized for making good decisions. They want their friends to know what a good shopper they are. At the same time, they are bored with logic and prefer to be entertained. Make your presentations fun and be sure to get them involved in the process.

Identify and adapt

It’s important that you learn to identify different personalities quickly. As you learn more about each one, you’ll also realize what personality is most like you.


The reason that’s important is that you’ll need to adjust what comes naturally to what is best for the customer who’s in front of you. Then you’ll need to adapt in order to get them to like you.