"Get Fit" Tip of the Day - 3 Easy Ways to Beat Bloat


Whether you're about to go out, head off to work or you’re putting on an outfit that you love, bloating can be both upsetting and uncomfortable.

Today’s Get Fit tip of the day, 3 easy ways to beat bloat!

We’ve all experienced it, bloating! The temporary and forced expansion of your lower abdominal region. In other words, it looks and feels like your belly is pushing itself out at the bottom. Why does it happen? It could be caused by Hormones, Gas build-up, Dehydration, Food intolerances, allergies and/or deficiencies! It is really important to understand that, depending on the type of bloating you have, different remedies may work!  

Tip #1: Drink water throughout the day. If your body has an abundance of nutrients and water, it is happier! Your systems can work better and not hold onto nutrients and water unnecessarily, which can cause bloating!

Tip #2: Organic apple cider vinegar can help kick-start digestion so your stomach can manage your meal better and minimize bloating. Try having 1 tablespoon in a glass of water before a meal. 

Tip #3: Don't eat too much or too fast in one sitting and try eating smaller portions more often and remember to eat slowly!

Bloating can be caused by a number of reasons, but when it does happen pay attention when it happens to figure out the cause to prevent it from happening again and again. At CPI, our Core Principle is to make YOU the best and a healthy mind and body is the first step to being prepared to learn.

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At CPI, Our Core Principle is to make YOU the best!

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