"Get Fit" Tip of the Day - Confidence Boosters That Can Work For You


Bad days – they happen to everyone! The good news is, there’s lots of ways to give your confidence a little boost to improve your mood too. 

#1 Smile– It sounds silly, but studies show forcing yourself to smile instantly reduces the feeling of stress and negative feelings. 

#2 Turn Up The Beats– If you have a break between clients or go on a break, pop in some headphones and play something uplifting like your favorite songs.

#3 Gratitude Writing– When you’re feeling down, it might be the last thing you feel like doing, but write down 5 things you are grateful and thankful for. More likely than not, whatever just put you in a bad mood or ruined your confidence will look minuscule when looking at the big picture.

Try these 3 tips the next time you are having a bad day or feel a lack of confidence. Keep in mind these tips are intended to help boost your confidence in the short term, and we should all strive to build a deeper confidence in ourselves every day. 

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