"Get Fit" Tip of the Day - How to Prevent Migraines


You’re all set to work, and then it hits you, a migraine out of no where! Some people tend to suffer more from migraines then others, some of us have never had to experience a migraine in their entire life.

But if you do suffer from the occasional migraine here are a few ways to help them be less frequent and less severe. Medication is a proven way to treat—and prevent—migraines.

But medication is only part of the story. It's also important to take good care of yourself and understand how to cope with migraine pain when it strikes.

When you feel a migraine coming on, retreat from your activities if possible. Find a calm environment, like the break room or an empty office and turn off the lights. Drink a caffeinated beverage, not too much as too much caffeine can lead to withdrawl headaches later on, but in small amounts caffeine can relieve migraine pain in the early stages. You can also try to apply a hot or cold compress to your head and neck. This can help dull the sensation of pain.

Other day to day lifestyle tips to incorporate to help reduce migraines include eating consistently throughout the day – as in not skipping meals and eat at the same time daily, exercise regularly, manage your stress – I know it can be stressful working at the dealership in the elements, but if your migraine prone, be sure to take this step above and beyond with your personal self care, and keep a migraine diary. A diary may help figure out what triggers your migraines, and how frequent they are, if they are happening frequently it might be time to go see a doctor.

Living with migraines is a daily challenge. But making healthy lifestyle choices can help. Ask your friends and loved ones for support.At CPI, our Core Principle is to make YOU the best and a healthy mind and body is the first step to being prepared to learn.

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At CPI, Our Core Principle is to make YOU the best!