Tip of the Day - Develop a Service Checklist


In order to have things run smoothly in the service drive, be aware that preparation is the key to success. There are many things that impact a customer’s experience and should be considered before they arrive. 

 Your checklist should include:

·     Preview the reservation schedule and technician schedule. Do they both make sense? 

·     Alternate transportation– If you provide loaner or rental cars - or a shuttle service – are the vehicles ready for use? Are they full of gas and clean? 

·     Parking– One of the worst things that can happen on a busy morning is not having enough parking available. Have you organized the parking lot in a way that allows the process to flow effectively?

·     Peripherals– Do you have enough write-up sheets, hats, mirror hangers, rental agreements, express check-in forms and pens available?

·     Greeters– Are there enough people available to help on the drive? 

·     Coffee and refreshments – Is it well stocked and clean? Is coffee made? Are there cups and napkins?

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