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Does Your General Manager Have a GPS? An Interview with Garry House

His unique perspective paired with his vast experience is an undeniable force when it comes to grooming talent for the Dealer Operator (or General Manager) level.

Having the right mentor can enhance and expedite a new GM’s development. It is a major ingredient of “selective innovation,” which defines the way your dealership approaches change.

What Does “Selective Innovation” Mean?

Rather than “pioneering” new operational strategies, “selective innovation” is a change management concept that mandates choosing to implement only those strategies that have been successfully proven by others.

How Does A Dealer in Today’s Market Approach the Refinement of their Sales Processes?

In a recent interview with Garry House, we discussed a key example: how should a dealership approach today’s needed refinements to the sales process?

First, the dealer/GM must curtail the compulsion to “play safe,” and take the risk of “selective innovation.” This is where “smart growth” begins, and it depends on knowing how to involve your sales managers and sales consultants in initiating and implementing the necessary changes.

Dealers who refine their sales processes to enhance the customer experience will achieve a larger market share and increase owner loyalty. Simultaneously, the “smart growth” strategy needs to focus on developing the skills of sales consultants and improving sales management’s ability to lead their team(s).

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To make this happen most effectively, however, the inexperienced General Manager needs to have the right mentor. That mentor will guide him in planning and function as a personal GPS.

The mentor will test your GM’s assumptions and challenge his beliefs. He will assist the GM when it comes time to focus his vision and get him back on track. The mentor will point out what the GM is ignoring and help him break those barriers. The mentor will provide him with one-on-one development and problem-solving strategies. And most importantly, this mentor will hold the GM accountable.


The above foundation of mentoring is precisely what Garry House encapsulates, also stating that it is imperative to know where to look for the right mentor. Depending on the needs of the general manager, outstanding mentors might be found within a multi-rooftop dealer group, within a 20-Group, or at an unrelated business or profession. Also, excellent mentors (coaches) can readily be found on the Internet.

Selective Innovation and the Three Core Components Your Upper Management Team Need to Adopt a Team Sales Structure

A second example of “selective innovation” might be to consider the adoption of a “team sales structure.” According to Garry, implementation of this concept requires that dealership senior management must truly believe, and then gain consensus to, three major principles.

1. Effective teams (small business units) will produce far greater results than the same group of individuals who work separately. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!”

2. They must recognize and understand the importance of the right organizational structure, and then clearly define and communicate the mission of the team system. What are the team responsibilities, what is the career path for team members (and what does it entail), and what continual training will be required?

3. The third key element is to recognize the need for properly structured and results-oriented team member compensation plans, the total of which must be budgeted to align with best practice guidelines. These plans should be structured to pay on both individual and team performance levels.

Initiating a Team Sales System Requires Time and most Importantly, Change.

Align Your Talent With Selective Innovation

Additionally, part of initiating a team sales system is understanding that a new organizational structure will require significant change, and that most dealerships managers are fearful of significant change. So most importantly, effective “change management” will be required to successfully implement a new team structure.

With the right teams in place, you can align the team members’ individual talents with “selective innovation,” which will not only build them professionally but more importantly, it will allow them a better opportunity to become successful. A properly structured and managed team sales system will ensure that each salesperson receives necessary training, closing, assistance, motivation, counseling, and continual quality leadership and supervision.

The system will provide a method of providing adequate floor coverage, while at the same time providing the time to accomplish department and team assignments, and still provide a reasonable amount of unscheduled time for the sales staff. The system will create a method of providing an enhanced competitive environment within the vehicle sales department.

Finally, and most importantly, when properly designed, implemented, and executed, the team sales process improves employee engagement and increases sales productivity (units per salesperson per month), without negatively impacting the expense structure of the vehicle sales department.

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